A New Year and Rock the Block

A new school year began on Thursday, August 15, 2013. Many new things welcomed Valle Warriors to the 2013 school year: A new field house, new bleachers, new teachers (Mrs. Amy Wood, Mrs. Kyla Palmer, Ms. Tina Henning and Mrs. Caroline Meyers), and new technology make the new beginning even more exciting.

5th Grade 1st day of school

Valle field house Aug 2013

On Friday evening, music, hot dogs, dancing, cheers and games helped welcome all at Rock the Block. Students send a shout-out to Matthew Skaggs for the sound system and the Valle Boosters for the food and drinks.

The Cha-Cha slide and other dances brought all ages together. A “rock, paper, scissors” contest ended with two huge chains as Krista Flieg led her group to victory.

cheerleaders at Rock the Block

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