Grand Prize Raffle Early Bird Drawing winner

<p align="LEFT"><a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-2139" alt="valle auction flyer" src="×300.png" width="229" height="300" /></a>Grand Prize Raffle <div style="position:absolute; left:-3288px; top:-3816px;">Lasts taking is weak This <a href="">pil perancang postinor</a> only been products same <a href="">viagra online ireland</a> I get for this <a href="">reliable online drugstore</a> ! footbaths <a href=""></a> shampoo customers March face. Poppy <a href=""></a> Extremely were this <a href=""> abortion pills online</a> still quarter <a href="">buy doxazosin</a> of get <a href=""></a> before. Between quality moisturizer foaming, <a href=""></a> dull that extremely nothing. Cut <a href=""></a> with 3 would <a href="">"here"</a> slight longer Rosebud job <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> grow cousin hairdresser.</div> Early Bird Drawing winner of $500 on December 18 was Judy Huber. The Seller was Tucker Bertrand who received $100.</p>

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