*K-8 Field Day Plans – May 21st @ football field

Dear Parents,

Plans are being finalized for the 2015 Valle Catholic K-8 Field Day.  Here’s the need to know information:

  • Thursday, May 21, 2015 7:50-2:50 @ Valle Football Field (comfortable clothes/tennis shoes); K-2 will also have afternoon activities at Valle Springs Park.
  • Parents, please drop off students at field by 7:50 (Supervision provided after 7:20)
  • Bus riders will be dropped off at school at regular time; bus transportation will then be provided to field.  Dr. Gilligan will supervise students and ride with students to the field.
  • Prayer Service at field 8:00-8:30
  • Field Events 8:45-2:30  (see more information below)
  • Students bring morning snack and brown bag lunch with refillable water bottle (with name on it); extra water and lemonade or juice will be available at the field throughout the day
  • Last activity will end at 2:30; Parent pick up at field by 2:50. Latchkey will be at the field on May 21st.

Fallert busses will be at field at 2:50 for bus riders.

  • Afternoon treat:  DQ small blizzards ($2.00) pre-ordered and prepaid by May 8th.
  • Sunscreen

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An undertaking of this kind does not happen without help from many people.  We will need help securing supplies and parent help.  If you can help in any of the following ways, please let us know by checking the appropriate spots then signing and returning this letter to school.

Parent/Grandparent/Friend Help (8:45-2:30):

_____  I can help supervise K-2 activities.    _____  I can help supervise 3-5 activities.

_____  I can help supervise 6-8 activities.

Field Day Supplies:

Supplies needed for field events.  Check if you can send these to school (identify if you need your items back):

_____  spray paint (red/yellow/green/blue for Twister)          _____  washboards & washers       _____  balloons

_____  24 pack water bottles      _____   panty hose      _____  Skittles      _____  milk straws      _____ chop sticks

_____  mini marshmallows      _____hard Life Savers       _____  ping pong balls        _____ sturdy straws

_____  tires     _____   hay bales     _____  pool noodles     _____  plywood for balance beam     _____  beach ball

_____ standard size sponges       _____  hula hoops    _____  ice cream gallon containers



_____   I will pray for sunshine!  (Classes will be held as scheduled in the event of (Shhhh) rain!!

As always thanks for your support and cooperation to make this a fun day for our students.  Please sign and return if you can help.

Valle Field Day Committee


Parent Name and homeroom

Field Day Limbo

Field Day tug of war

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