*Kindergarten Nativity Play

The Christmas Alphabet Pageant

Mrs. Wood:
Christmas is all around. In music and song it can be found. It’s in the wind and in the air. We think Christmas is everywhere.
These little children found Christmas, too. In a place that they want to show you. Christmas is in the story that they tell, using the alphabet they know so well.

A   A is for Angels who sang “Peace on earth.” The Angels who told us about Jesus’ birth.

B   B stands for Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, In a poor, old stable on the first Christmas morn.

C   C is for the Christ Child, Mary’s Baby Son- The Savior God promised to everyone.
D   D stands for the Donkey so tired and old- Who carried Mary to Bethlehem that night in the cold.
E   E is for Elizabeth who was happy to hear That the birthday of Jesus was very near.
F   F is for Frankincense that the Magi did bring, along with gold and myrrh to the Newborn King.
G   G stands for the Gifts we give and receive In honor of Jesus on Christmas Eve.

H   H is for Hay they used for a bed. It was soft and warm for Baby Jesus head.
I   I stands for Innkeeper who gave them a place to stay, In a stable with animals that kept warm in the hay.

J   J is for Joseph, Mary’s husband who- Took good care of the Baby Jesus, too.

K   K is for the King who traveled from the East. They came to celebrate the first Christmas feast.
J   J is for Joseph, Mary’s husband who- Took good care of the Baby Jesus, too.
L   L is for Lamb, gentle and white watching over baby Jesus that special night.

M   M is for Mary, and there is no other- Person on earth like Jesus’ Mother.
N   N is for the Nativity set, placed under the tree- With Jesus, Mary and Joseph there for all to see.
O   O is for the ox in the stable where Mary gave birth To see the Baby Jesus, the king of Heaven and Earth.
P   P is for Peace, the gift Christmas brings. “Peace on Earth” the angels sing.
Q   Q is for the quiet night and the sleeping child, In the arms of Mary so tender and mild.
R   R is for the Road that lead the way to where Mary and Joseph had to stay.
S   S is for the shepherds who watched their flocks at night. When Jesus was born they saw a great light.

T   T is for the tree-a special Christmas one- to celebrate the birth of God’s only son.
U   U stands for –all of us here- who make Christmas special year after year.
V   V is for the Virgin, who is a mother, too The Mother of Jesus and each of you.
W  W stands for Wise Men who travel so far. To see Baby Jesus they followed a star.
X   X is sometimes used as a sign for Jesus’ name. So Christmas and Xmas are almost the same.
Y   Y stands for Yuletide-this special time of year. It’s a word tell us that Christmas is here.
Z   Z is for ZZZZ-the sound of the Baby sleeping under Mary and Joseph’s watchful keeping.

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