Parish Hall (Rozier Building) News

Thanks so much to those who have dropped off donations over the past week!
Here is a revised list with pricing ranging from $100.00 to $5,500.00 for the New Parish Hall/Early Education Center.
Valle Rozier Bldg
• 5 Place settings of china & Silverware: $100.00 donation buys 5 sets (need 250 sets)
• 15 glass pitchers for bar area: Total $150.00
• 300 wine glasses: $300.00 or buy 100 for $100.00
• 300 Irish Coffee Mugs: $450.00 or buy 100 for $150.00
• Sofa for upstairs gallery area $750.00
• Matching chairs for gallery area: $400 each  (need 4 chairs)
• Casual tables for gallery area: $200.00 each  (need 3)
• Stand-up Cocktail tables: $100.00 each   (need 6)
• A Reach-In Refrigerator for new parish center: $2500.00
• A Reach-In Freezer for new parish center: $3,000.00
• A Commercial Dishwasher for new parish center: $3500.00
• Refrigerated Back Bar Cabinet: $2700.00
• 60” round table with 8 chairs: $350.00 each set ( we need 35 sets)
• Conference Table and 16 chairs for business center: $5,500.00
• Furniture for upstairs gallery area: $4500.00
• Cocktail Tables: $100.00 each  (need 6)
• Early Childhood Furniture: $5,000 per room (4 rooms)
All Donations are Tax deductions. You Can Drop Off Donation at Parish Center or Mail to 40 North 4th Street Ste. Genevieve or Call Joe Rozier 573-701-2359.
Help Us Name Our Banquet Center!
We are asking our parish community to share your ideas on names that you might think would be good to name our new banquet center in the Rozier Building.  We would like to find a name that would reflect our rich Catholic heritage and our appreciation of our history. We are very open to your ideas and meaning behind the name you might suggest.
Let us give you some examples………………..
The Marquette Banquet Centre:  Pere Marquette was one of the earliest people in the Mississippi to spread Christianity and he has history with our community.
The DuBourg Banquet Center:  In 1818, Bishop DuBourg says his first pontifical mass in his new diocese here
Preservation Hall:  Has to do with our legacy of preserving our rich history in Ste. Genevieve
Maxwell Banquet Centre:  In 1795, Bishop Cardenas appoint Fr. James Maxwell to our parish.
Please feel free to share your ideas as we would love to hear from you. Email with your ideas.

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