*September Virtue Award Winners

Valle Catholic is continuing a program begun last year that approaches disciplining children using Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline.
Restorative practices can offer teachers and students a foundation with which to build, maintain, and restore relationships.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines virtue as:   an habitual and firm disposition to do good. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of himself.  Different virtues and their meanings have been explained to the students.  These virtues include:  Fortitude, Justice, Prudence, Integrity, Friendship, Compassion, Truthfulness, Generosity, Unity and Loyalty.

Valle Sept 2015 virtue award winners

To help the students become more engaged in this entire process, Virtue Awards have been created to present to students that are ‘Living Virtue’.  Staff members are on the lookout for students practicing virtues. These students are presented with a certificate and their name is put in for an end-of-the-month drawing to receive a morning donut treat.  September’s Virtue Award Winners are listed below.  Congratulations!


September 2015 Virtue List:


Alyson Meyer Charley Naeger

Bentley Graham Grace Cox

Jayci Palmer Paige Schwent

Luther Sellers Ethan Wolk


Brody Bertrand Audrey Gegg

Sam Kuehn Colton Kutz

Austin Naeger Trevor Roth


Emma Gegg


Addison Donze


Hailey Coleman   Char Drost   Cameron Duncan

Nicole Gegg   Alissa Grass   Gavyn Joggerst   Makayla Joggerst

Hope Schmelzle   Camryn Skaggs   Hannah Staab   Isaac Viox


Braden Coleman   Madden House   Peter Roth   Maya Watts


Aiden Heberlie   Braxton Joggerst   Abby Marzuco   Reese Metzger

Regean Naeger   Michael Okenfuss   Isaac Roth   Nathan Schwent


Drew Bauman   Mason Brewster   Austin Burnett   Cora Friedman

Josh Hoog   Isaac Layton   Mitchell Meyer   Kolten Naeger   Kyle Steiger   Cory Stoll


Bryce Gegg   Erin Mueller



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