Southwest Airlines “Adopt a Pilot”

Adopt Class
Valle Catholic 4th grade students “adopted” Southwest Airlines’ pilot Michael Loida, father of 4th grader Sam Loida.
Adopt Sam

The award winning Adopt-A-Pilot program was introduced in 1997 as a supplementary way to educate students through aviation-themed activities related to Science, Geography, Math, Writing, and other core subjects with aviation-related activities.

As part of the Adopt-A-Pilot program, students discovered careers and further developed life skills, while the importance of staying in school was reinforced.  It stressed that future goals are possible through planning, hard work, and determination.

The program ended when every student had the opportunity to be a test pilot! They saw first-hand the four forces of flight at work, as well as use the Adopt-A-Pilot F.L.I.G.H.T.  Values (Fearlessness, Leadership, Imagination, Gratitude, Honesty, Tenacity) when they competed in a paper airplane contest.

Each student received a certificate of completion and enjoyed snacks from various countries provided by the Loida Family. Southwest Airlines offered this program at no cost to Valle.

Adopt Paul

Pictured is Sam, daughter of Michael and Cindy Loida trying on the flight uniform and 4th Grade students with Southwest Pilot, Michael Loida holding their paper airplanes.
Adopt K
Also pictured are students, Paul Ahrens and Kayleigh Donze, competing in the paper airplane contest.

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