Valle 4th Graders Experience Living History Here in Ste. Genevieve

4th Gr class (640x480)
Valle 4th Graders experienced living history demonstrations by the Milice de Ste Famille which is a living history group from Cahokia, Il and some local historians.
Mickey Koetting, Beckie McClellan and some other local historians as well as members of the Milice de Ste Famille dressed and explained how French Colonial men and women dressed in period clothing.
4th Gr 2 (640x480)
Members of the Milice de Ste Famille taught the 4th Graders several 18th century games such as “Shut the Box”.
4th Gr 1 (640x480)
Ken Zimmer, Deuxieme Sergeant, had the students mimic a basic French Infantry musket drill.
4th Gr 3 (640x480)
Jim Chestney, Capitaine French Colonial Artillery, taught the children the mechanical advantage of using block and tackle to pull heavy loads rather than just pulling the weight with a rope.
4th Gr 4 (480x640)

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