*2015 Grandparents Day

Valle Catholic School celebrated Grandparents Day on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 with an 8:00 am Mass attended by PreK-12 students & grandparents.
Grandparents and their grandchildren filled all the liturgical roles in a Liturgy planned by Mrs. Carol J. Klein and her 3rd Graders:
Commentator Amara and Grandma Schwartz
Commentators: were Amara Basler with Grandma Debbie Schwartz;
Readers:  Matthew Klein with Grandma Carol A. Klein and Austin Ringwald with Grandma Tina Ringwald;  Ringwald
Gift bearers:  Mrs. Carol J. Klein and granddaughter, Cami. Mrs. Klein also did a Grandparents Reflection after Communion.
Mrs Klein
Servers:  Benjamin, Mary & Peter Roth and Grandpa Robert Roth.
Servers Roth
Eucharistic Ministers: Grandparents Mary Jean Hoog, Sara Menard, Suzy Wolk, Shirley Klump, and Charles Marzuco.  All of these students and grandparents assisted Celebrant Father Greg Klump. Ms. Teresa Meere and Mr. Al Keiser led the congregation with music.
2nd Gr grandparents - Copy
4th Gr WolksNick and Harry
The Mass was followed by classroom visits and light refreshments. Various activities went on during the visits such as working on family trees, puzzles, interviews, and other projects. Some grandparents shared stories about when they were in school and talked about all the wonderful blessings that come with having grandchildren.
Gr 1 Calbreath (600x800)
EmilyDevonAugust Jayce 2nd gr4th GradeLily

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