If your child will be taking ANY medication at school on a regular basis, you must complete the attached Authorization for Medication Administration Form and return to the Grade School or High School Office. This form must be signed by the parent and the doctor. If your child is prone to headaches and they ask for Tylenol or Ibuprofen often, please ask their doctor to complete this form to keep on file.

Please also see the attached forms for an Asthma Action Plan, Food Allergy Plan, Seizure Action Plan & Consent to Carry/Administer Medication Form. If your child has an action plan for any of these circumstances, please have their doctor complete and send to the Grade School or High School office. If your child has an inhaler and you trust them to carry with them, please complete the Parent Consent to Carry Form.

We must have a new form on file each year for your child.  

Authorization for Medication Administration_in_School
Asthma Action Plan 2023
Food Allergy Plan 2023
Seizure Action Plan
Parent Consent for Student to Carry and Administer Medication

Media Authorization Form