2023-24 School Year

Delicious, hot lunches will once again be served in our school cafeteria. Students will need to have a
MYSCHOOLBUCKS account set up with money deposited to cover expenses. There is an extra charge for extra milk, a super lunch and any a la carte items.

Grades K-4                 $3.50 per lunch
Grades 5-8                 $3.55 per lunch
Grades 9-12               $3.60 per lunch
Extra milk                      .45 per carton
Super lunch                $1.50 per entrée

Helpful tips:

1. Lunch money should be brought on the first day of school or paid through MYSCHOOLBUCKS.COM. In grades K-8 the teacher will collect the envelopes from the student in the morning. Grades 9-12 will turn in their money to the cafeteria cashier at lunch. Lunch envelopes can be found at the entrances to the Church, in the cafeteria, school offices or the Parish Center office. Please fill out the information on the envelope completely and it is very important to put their student ID#.

2. Each student will have his/her own cafeteria account. Any amount of money can be deposited into their account at any time. Lunches and other purchases (super lunches, extra milk, etc.) will be deducted off of their account on a daily basis. Students/parents will be notified through myschoolbucks.com when their account balance is running low. Please replenish your student(s) account as soon as you are notified. Charging is not allowed. You can check your balance at any time through myschoolbucks.com or you can email Melissa Grein at greinm@valleschools.org.

3. One check can be written for a family. (If you have 2 or more children in school, you can write one check). If you do not want the check divided evenly, please specify how you want the money distributed. Please put your account number on the envelope with the child’s name.

4. Choice of 2 different main dishes are available every day. Chef salad is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for students in grades K-12.

5. Chocolate 1%, white 1%, and skim milk can be bought separately from the lunch program. The cost is $.45.

6. If your child is in need of special meals because of medical reasons, please call the school to have a form sent to you. A doctor must sign this form or we cannot substitute.

Please remember our lunch program remains a strong program only if we have good participation in the program. Please encourage your student/s to eat a delicious hot lunch every day in the school cafeteria. The students receive an ample portion of tastefully prepared lunches for free.

Updated 7/12/23