2023 Football Schedule

Aug. 25SeckmanAway
Aug. 28JV vs. SeckmanHOME
Sept. 1FestusHOME
Sept. 5JV vs. FestusAway
Sept. 8FredericktownHOME
Sept. 11JV vs. FredericktownHOME
Sept. 15Potosi (Homecoming)HOME
Sept. 18JV vs. PotosiHOME
Sept. 22St. Vincent’sAway
Sept. 25JV vs. St. Vincent’sAway
Sept. 29Park HillsAway
Oct. 2JV vs. Park HillsAway
Oct. 6Ste. GenevieveAway
Oct. 9JV vs. Ste. GenevieveAway
Oct. 13Vianney (6pm)Away
Oct. 16JV vs. VianneyHOME
Oct. 20KennettHOME

Updated 7/11/23. Please note that all schedules are subject to change.