*2016 Valle Catholic Summer Program

Valle Catholic 4th Graders in Mrs. Kertz’s science classes enjoyed a presentation given by Joe Hatfield, an engineer for Mississippi Lime Company.  Mississippi Lime is a supplier of high calcium lime, limestone and other calcium-based chemicals. 

He explained that the names for rocks range from mountains all the way down to specks, told about the properties of minerals, and shared the various products that come from lime and limestone. Some of the products that are made from lime and limestone are motor oil, rubber bands, automobile safety glasses, nail polish and make-up, tortillas and orange juice! 

Mr. Hatfield stressed that mining engineers are involved with every phase of the mining operations and that safety comes first!

All natural resources are either grown by farmers or mined!

miss lime joe h

Pictured is Joe Hatfield during his PowerPoint presentation wearing some of the safety equipment.

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