*Dr. Tom Stanley’s 13th Annual Presentation

Valle Dr. Stanley 2016 visit showing the unborn baby (1024x842) (800x658)
In keeping with the mission of Valle Catholic School that states the school will “promote spiritual growth and strengthen gospel values”, Dr. Thomas Stanley, MD was invited to the school for his 13th annual pro-life presentation.
Valle Dr Stanley 2016 visit in DuBourg Centre

Dr. Stanley, a recently retired pediatrician formerly based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a strong pro-life advocate who has become a powerful voice for the least vulnerable in society, promoting the pro-life message to young people around the country. 

Valle Dr. Stanley 2016 visit 5th Grade

Each year a portion of Dr. Stanley’s pro life message to students in K-12 touches on various themes which include showing the students models of an unborn baby at each of the different stages of fetal development and the uniqueness of each individual.
This year Dr. Stanley told stories of Catholic saints that the students can look to for guidance and inspiration. The saints conducted their lives with true faithfulness and humility doing what God wanted despite many hardships. Dr. Stanley emphasized to the students that God wants each of them to be saints. 
Valle Dr. Stanley 2016 visit 4th Grade (1024x768) (800x600)

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