Director, Early Childhood

Mandy Whitener has been in Education for 17 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. She started off her career in the public school system serving for 10 years both as a Special Service teacher for grades K-6th and a Regular Education teacher for grades 2nd and 3rd. Before coming to Valle, God called her back to her Catholic Almer Mater, St. Joseph Catholic School where she taught 4th grade for 7 years. Mandy has coached a variety of sports throughout her career primarily at the high school level. Her passion resides with track as she will be finishing her 18th season as the assistant track coach.

Mandy has been married for 15 years to Jake Whitener and has four beautiful children, Gage (13), Kya (11), Kael (8), and Gus(6). When Mandy is not at school, she can be found either coaching track, running her business (Kya Ferne), or simply being a mom helping her kids chase their dreams!

Fun facts:
When Mandy’s daughter Kya Ferne Whitener was born in 2012, She officially launched her business, Kya Ferne. It has continued to grow and now you can find her online and on the streets as she soon will be launching her Boutique Truck. Mandy loves camping with her family and all things outdoors. She was raised on a dairy farm and now gets to share in that same passion for animals with her kids as they raise hogs each year, and her boys have their own chicken business selling eggs.

What do you love most about teaching at Valle Catholic?
“The Valle community is so welcoming, I immediately felt a part of the family. I love walking into each class every day and seeing all the wonderful things happening. I love that all grades are on the same campus, it shows unity among the schools, and the interactions with the older students with the early childhood students are heartwarming.

Why is Catholic education important?
Catholic education is part of the call to our Baptismal Promise. Catholic education teaches others how to grow in their faith so we can obtain not only virtue but also eternal salvation. Catholic education builds that firm foundation for the rest of our lives. Our number one goal in life is not about materialistic items, it is about the success rate of discipleship that we can offer to others to grow the communion of saints.