PreK Teacher

Julie Herzog received her Associate’s degree in Childhood Development in 2019. Her dad, all 4 of her siblings and her two children are Valle graduates. She loves spending time with her family, which includes two amazing grandsons. She also enjoys gardening (flowers and vegetables), canning, and baking and decorating cookies and cakes.

What do you love most about teaching at Valle Catholic?
“I love seeing the children so excited to learn new skills, make new friends and become a Classroom Family. I have a passion in Dramatic Play and love to design learning spaces that are realistic for the children.”

To our students …
“From the very first day of school, I start building our classroom family. I get to know each child individually so I know what makes them tick. Every child is different but God loves them all the same and so do I. This is something I start with in Religion and it carries on all year long.”