The King’s Ball

Valle Catholic recently continued a 250 year old Ste. Genevieve tradition by holding a “King’s Ball”. Ellie Douglass and Mickey Koetting worked with the students to teach them the basics of several dances.
Kings Ball Ellie giving instructions
Keeping with tradition, all the males were served a piece of cake. When a boy found the bean in his cake, he was designated “the King”. He then chose his queen.
Kings Ball King & Queen K-4
Photo: K-4 King & Queen: Wil Kuehn (son of Justin & Jenna Kuehn) and Aubrey Wolk (daughter of Nick and Tiffany Wolk) are pictured with Ellie Douglass and Dr. Gilligan
Kings Ball King & Queen 5-8
5-8: Aidan McGowan (son of Dennis & Sheila McGowan) and

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Grace Eftink (daughter of Jason & Jenny Eftink)

Kings Ball dancing
Kings Ball Steigers
King’s Ball Tradition:
The King’s Ball dates back to the 18th century in Upper Louisiana, New France, when French settlers looked forward to the time of the Epiphany or Twelfth Night—the time when the King’s ball or Bal de Roi was traditionally held to close out the Christmas season. The Ball was the most formal social event of the year and all the townspeople were invited to attend this celebration of singing, dancing, and feasting.
Generally, a dried bean was baked into the cake of kings or, a special cake. All the men in attendance were served a slice. The one who found the bean in his cake was crowned the King of the festivities. The new king selected his queen, and they reigned over the year’s festivities in Ste. Genevieve.

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