A Letter to Valle Parents

CSW 2015 Cardinal Glennon Service Project

VALLE PARENTS:  I want to say how humbled I am by the generosity of all the items that your families donated to the Child Life Drive for Cardinal Glennon during Catholic Schools Week. As someone who has spent every week for the last 10 years in this hospital, have stayed on every floor, I can tell you how much parents, nurses and children appreciate such donations. You can not possibly understand the impact your donation can have.

Even the simplest item, can change the mood a…nd make the difference in the days stay.  Not only was I touched by the amount of items donated, but especially by the quality and how nice everything was (hope you caught sales:). I have been contacting friends (you might call them nurses:) we have made that work each floor and finding out their greatest needs. I have started sorting items based on what I know about each floor of the hospital and what they need most. But let me give you a lasting impression that I have in regards to your donations.

That Olaf band aid just turned a little tots shot into a laugh, that Batman toothbrush just became the first toothbrush a little boy ever had, that new onesie just became the only new piece of clothing a baby has ever known and those bright, bold and shiny nail polishes you donated, just put a beautiful smile on a young lady that has lost all her hair and wants everyone to know she’s still a girl on inside, as beautiful as ever.

So Thank you and I wish I could record and share with you the excitement of every nurse and Child Life advocate as I tell them Valle Catholic is sending them all some LOVE.

Connie Bauman

CG photo



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