High School German

Linda Trimmer has been teaching for 38 years. She has a B.A., B.S.E., and M.A. in English from NMSU (now Truman University). She has her Lifetime certification in German K-12 and English 7-12.  Linda taught in Germany for a year.

Linda and her husband have hosted 10 foreign exchange students (all for a year), most of whom were from Germany, but some were from Hungary and Argentina, too. Under normal circumstances, I love to travel.  

Under all circumstances except during rain, I love to walk my dogs. My independent research shows potato chips that “fold over” taste 53% better than straight chips.

What do you love most about teaching at Valle Catholic?
“I love that I learn from my students every day.”

To our students …
“If YOU are determined to learn, no one can stop YOU. YOU belong here!”