Eighth Grade; Math

Nathan Gegg is a 2004 graduate of Valle Catholic High School. He has been teaching for 10 years. He attended Mizzou (MIZ!!!!) and then Southeast Missouri State University after receiving his undergraduate degree.

He has been a football coach since 2008, baseball assistant coach from 2009-2014, and has been the head baseball coach since 2015.

Nathan and his wife, Emily, are the proud parents of triplet sons, Corbin, Carson, and Cannon. The boys were born on their 10-month wedding anniversary.

What do you love most about teaching at Valle Catholic?
“I love our family … I’ve been a part of the Valle family my whole life and it is truly a place like nowhere else. I value our parents’ dedication and investment they put into their kids’ lives.”

To our students …
YOU inspire me everyday. The greatest joys I get in the classroom and on a field are watching YOU do things YOU didn’t think were possible.”