October Virtue Winners

Valle Catholic has introduced a new approach to disciplining children called Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline. With traditional discipline, when misbehavior occurs, we ask: what happened, who is responsible, and what punishment needs to be assigned.

Restorative practices can offer teachers and students a foundation with which to build, maintain, and restore relationships. Children are given a voice in helping adults understand the reason behind their actions. Everyone involved can have a shared responsibility and accountability for what has occurred.
When a situation takes place that calls for teacher intervention, the student and the teacher dialogue about the incident to see how the outcome could have been different and what action could be taken to practice a particular virtue the next time the student finds himself in a similar situation.

Different virtues and their meanings have been explained to the students.  These virtues include:  Fortitude, Justice, Prudence, Integrity, Friendship, Compassion, Truthfulness, Generosity, Unity and Loyalty. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines virtue as:   an habitual and firm disposition to do good. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of himself.

To help the students become more engaged in this entire process, Virtue Awards have been created to present to students that are ‘Living Virtue’.  Staff members are on the lookout for students practicing virtues. These students are presented with a certificate; their name is put in for an end-of-the-month drawing to receive a special treat: Six lucky students were chosen to have lunch with principal Dr. Mark Gilligan, and assistant principal, Mrs. Jill Metzger.

Valle Oct Virtue Winner Lunch

Here are October’s Virtue Award Winners:

Valle October virtue awards

October Virtue List


Teagan Peterson

Brody Wolk

Mikayla Basler

Charlie Naeger

Luther Sellers



Cole Bauman

Parker Warren

Mason Trollinger

Trevor Roth

Sam Kuehn

Paige Gielow

Eli Wehner

Audrey Gegg



Lane Okenfuss

Madison Joggerst

Mackenzie Buchheit

Jacob Warren

Alaric Drost

Easton Koetting

Nolan Prehm

Johanna Bales



Lexi Warren

Austin Ringwald

Colin Anderson

Braden Smith

Elizabeth Heberlie

Waylon Samples



Camryn Skaggs

Gavyn Joggerst

Nicole Gegg




Nick Oliver

Collin Abt

Emily Flieg

Macy Wolk

Jacob Calbreath

Kaden Gegg

Peter Roth

Braden Coleman



Sami Loida



Job Zerwig

Cory Stoll

Kolten Naeger

Eva Oberle

Kyle Steiger

Bryna Blum



Mabry Basler

Nick Koetting

Drew Metzger

Owen Viox

Trey Huck

Parker Skaggs

Kylie Samples



Aiden McGowan

Maddie Flieg

Carter Roth

Kellen Blum

Drew Kraenzle

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