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The following story, by Jason Viox, recently appeared in the Ste. Genevieve Herald.  Nice job, Coach Fischer and your Lady Warriors.


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Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor:

My daughters play volleyball for Perryville High School (PHS). This past Memorial Day Weekend, one of their best friends, Dru Hemmann, was in a tragic ATV accident which resulted in her losing her left leg just above her knee. You can imagine how devastating this was for Dru, her family and friends. For those of us that love them, we could only try to put ourselves in their place, and pray, and do anything we could to help. She is a freshman this year at PHS, but was awarded the “Most Athletic” and “Most Outstanding Female Student” at her eighth-grade graduation in the spring for Perry County Middle School.

This young lady’s strength, resilience and determination to get back to a “new normal” for her ASAP have been absolutely amazing. She is one remarkable young lady and has impressed everyone in our community with her recovery. She even received a standing ovation at our Perryville High School Athletic Club meeting a few weeks ago from all PHS Athletes and parents as she was introduced as a PHS Freshman player — not just for “walking” into her volleyball tryouts and on the court that evening, but because she has been such an inspiration to all other athletes and students. Our community and her PHS team has shown her and her family much support and love with fundraisers, t-shirts, bracelets; and Perryville is having a benefit for her and her family on Saturday, September 17. Our community “Wears Blue for Dru.” You can imagine that she still has healing and recovery ahead of her, but we are so very proud of her and pray for her continued recovery every day.

Last night [August 23], our PHS volleyball team played the Valle High School Warriors. Dru and many of us were so pleasantly surprised to learn that Valle High School and Valle Schools had been fundraising at their school for Dru, offering a bake sale to benefit her and a donation can at the door. What a pleasant surprise! They not only presented her with a donation for her and her family, but also had a compassionate announcement to her from the Valle High School wishing her well, telling her she was such an inspiration and that they would be praying for her. Another heartwarming comment that was made is that they are the Valle Warriors and wear blue, but that “Last night, they were ‘Wearing Blue for Dru.’” It brought me to tears as I see what she and her family have gone through, and will go through, and as a parent and community member, I loved to see this love and support coming from our neighboring community, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.

So, thank you so very much to the Valle High School, Valle Schools and your community! Your kindness and generosity for Dru was so compassionate and I, and others, will never forget it.

Lara Green, Perryville High School parent

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