Valle Celebrates Grandparents Day

Valle Catholic School celebrated Grandparents Day on Wednesday, with an 8 a.m. Mass attended by PreK-12 students and their grandparents.

Grandparents Day Mass   from the choir loft

Grandparents and their grandchildren filled all the liturgical roles:

Commentators Lexi Gielow and Grandma Martha Resinger

Commentators Lexi Gielow with Grandma Martha

Readers Alissa Grass and Grandma Gail

Readers Alissa Grass with Grandma Gail

Cannon and Robert Wolk

Cannon Wolk with Grandpa Robert

Gift bearers were Gavyn Joggerst and Grandpa Felix. Servers were Nick and Jacob Friend with Grandpa Tom.

Nick and Jacob Friend with Grandpa Tom

 These students and grandparents assisted Celebrant Father Dennis Schmidt and Deacon John Meere. Eucharistic Ministers were Grandparents Mary Jean Hoog, Rowena Wehner, and Charles Marzuco. Lynn Terry and Al Keiser led the congregation with music.


The Mass was followed by classroom visits and light refreshments.

Paul Ahrens and Grandpa Seabaugh

Various activities went on during the visits such as working on family trees, puzzles, interviews, and other projects.

Valle twins

Some grandparents shared stories about when they were in school and talked about all the wonderful blessings that come with having grandchildren.

Mason and grandpa

Joggersts (640x480)

Thank you, grandparents. You are a blessing in our lives.

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