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Father Nemeth will be starting as our new priest and President of Valle Catholic Schools on July 1st. Father comes to us with a heart on fire for Catholic education and moving people to deeper, more engaging relationships with Christ. He’s had great success in his current role as President of St. Pius X High School in Festus and plans to roll up his sleeves and work with us on a similar transformation for Valle Catholic Schools. Not only does he plan to dig deep when he gets here, he already has several exciting goals for us. Check out his top 5 goals for Valle Catholic Schools below.

1. Share the Good News!

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that we’ve got something extremely special here at Valle Catholic Schools. You all know that, but so many people in our region really have no idea. Father Nemeths’ first goal is to get the message out about all of the wonderful things happening at Valle Catholic Schools.

He commented, “I want people to know that this is the premier school of choice for the region. I think Catholic Schools sometimes, we’re a little too humble and we don’t share our successes.” With Father Nemeth’s help we can fix that, and who doesn’t want to share the good news about this school community that we hold so near and dear to our hearts?

2. Create an Advancement Office

Father Nemeth led a transformation in fundraising at St. Pius and wants to leverage the expertise he gained in his role there to help Valle Catholic Schools. His second goal is to look at how we run our fundraising and come up with a strategy that will work in 2017 in a way that is respectful to our families. He hopes to establish an Advancement Office to carry out this mission.

3. Plan for Financial Stability

We all want the legacy of Valle Catholic Schools to live on for centuries to come. Father Nemeth’s third goal is to work on a plan with the Foundation, so that we can build long term financial stability for the school.

“We’ve got to stop raising money to spend money,” Father noted as he talked about wanting to be a part of building something that’s still here 200 years from now. This is where we all have the opportunity to do something significant by helping build something that we believe in and that will last well past our own lives. With Father Nemeth’s leadership and the hearts of all of our community members I know we can do this!

4. Grow Enrollment

Father’s fourth goal is to grow enrollment at Valle Catholic Schools. Valle has never been a large school, so it will be important to develop a solid enrollment management plan to make sure our numbers grow and stay healthy. In order to continue the legacy we have to have the people!

5. Get the Community on Fire for Their Faith

What are we all here for? The Alpha and the Omega! We all want to grow in faith, and Father Nemeth’s fifth goal is the most profound of all. He wants to inspire students at Valle Catholic Schools to get on fire for their faith. Not only does Father Nemeth want this for the students at Valle, but he also wants to help all members of the Ste. Genevieve parish recognize this kind of faith in their lives. How do we get there? He plans to continue the popular Theology on Tap program, as well as develop new opportunities for faith formation. He hopes to build an active youth ministry, help parishioners develop the devotional life and expose people to the reality of benediction to name a few more.

Father Nemeth has contagious energy and passion that’s going to spread. Join us as we welcome him in July and work with him to accomplish these great goals for our school and our community.


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