*Dreams Initiative Surpasses Goal

Message from Pastor Edward Nemeth:

This banner sums it all up. What an amazing ride the last few months have been. Totally exhausting yet rejuvenating to see the faith of the people in our parish and their commitment to securing a strong future for our parish and school. Thanks be to God for the good people who made this campaign a success.

My work in the apostolate has been heavily focused on Advancement these past five years and many lessons have been learned with the help of my friends at Partners in Mission, especially my friend Chris Hagerty. This work definitely found its full expression in the rapid success of the Dreams Initiative. I can’t imagine many places that would raise over $1,000,000 in three months…this place is one of them.

Catholic Schools and parishes do not have to accept the fate of so many others. However, it takes hard work and lots of sacrifice. Excellence demands it. As a close advisor has often told me, “there is a price to being average”. Demand excellence from the leaders of the Church, our parishes, and our schools. If we do, the conversation quickly shifts from “how do we survive?” to “what’s next?”

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