*3rd Grade Miners

Third grade students at Valle Catholic were treated to a presentation and hands-on activities about mining.

They learned about the three different types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. There are about 4000 minerals on the Earth. Mr. Peter DuBois, a mine engineer, told them about what he does, showed them pictures of a mine design, equipment that is used, the mineral processing, water pumping and much more.

Some of the products that are made from lime are taco chips, lipstick, ‘Nilla Wafers, glue, baking soda, and calcium supplements in animal feed.
The students “mined for gold”, did “cookie mining, and ended their time with
​none other than Calvin Calcium.

Thank you very much Mississippi Lime Company for your great program on mining and Peter DuBois, Alex Dietrich, Dean Okenfuss, and Dale Basler for spending time and educating us!

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