*Bellarmine Speech Meet @ St. Joseph’s in Imperial

On Saturday, March 19, 2016, the Valle Catholic Speech Team participated in a Bellarmine speech meet at St. Joseph Catholic grade school in Imperial.  In speech meets, students in grades 5-8 develop and improve their public speaking skills by memorizing and performing material in Humorous, Serious, and Duet categories.  Ribbons are awarded to participants based upon the total score received from two judges.
valle speech mar 2016
Humorous solo team members:
Paul Ahrens (6th grade): gold ribbon for “Fat Albert Buck Buck” by Bill Cosby
August Palmer (5th grade): blue ribbon for “Happily Never After” by Kelsey Larson
Duet team members:
Claire Parmer and Kyle Steiger (7th grade): gold ribbon for “A Grave Situation” by Ken Bradbury
Cora Friedman and Mary Roth (7th grade): gold ribbon for “There’s a Hitch” by Ken Bradbury
Nick Oliver and Peter Roth (5th grade): blue ribbon for “Boy Meets Girl” by Peter Stone and Carl Reiner
A perfect score of 30 points earns a gold ribbon.
A score of 27-29 points earns a blue ribbon.
A score of 22-26 points earns a red ribbon.
Congratulations to all students on their excellent performances!
The team is coached by Sheila Roth.

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