*Building Bridges

Valle Catholic 5th Graders in Linda Kertz’s Science Classes studied the six basic types of bridges.  After having viewed pictures of real bridges and discussed what it takes to make each type of bridge unique and strong they drew scaled blueprints and constructed bridges using only a certain amount of given materials.  Each bridge had to cross a gap of 35 cm wide and be strong enough to support a box car carrying 45 pennies.
Pictured below are a few of the 5th Graders with their bridges.
​Suspension Bridge constructed by Matthew Hoog, August Palmer, Jackson Fowler, Aiden Trollinger
Simple Girder constructed by Aaron Eftink, Braden Coleman, Collin Abt, Madden House​
5R more
​Cantilever Bridge constructed by Josef Flieg, Geneva Clover, Ella Wolk​
5R again
​Arch Bridge constructed by Harry Oliver, Peter Roth, Jacob Calbreath​

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