*Cami Hobbs – Do The Right Thing Award

Camryn Hobbs, 5th Grade student at Valle Catholic Grade School in Ste. Genevieve was recently chosen for the Do The Right Thing Award.  ​Cami is the daughter of Troy and Jennifer Hobbs. 

Cami was honored at a ceremony on April 25 at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL.  Cami’s family along with 5th Grade teacher, Mrs. Theresa Kirchmer attended the ceremony.
Mrs. Kirchmer nominated Cami for the award with these words:  
While riding on her school bus, 5th Grader Cami Hobbs noticed that another student was being teased and pestered.  It didn’t take Cami long to come to the student’s rescue.  She changed seats in order to sit with the student being teased and began making conversation with him, not allowing the heckler to continue the teasing.  
Our school focuses on our students living virtue and imitating Jesus, so it is always energizing to hear when a student takes the lead to come to the defense of another and practice virtue in a “real-life” situation.
Courtney Bryant from KMOV presided over the ceremony assisted by law enforcement officials from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Clair County.  
Do the Right Thing of Greater St. Louis, Inc is a non-profit organization operating in the St. Louis area.  The mission of the organization is to work in partnership with area law enforcement agencies, schools, media and businesses to recognize and promote the positive social behaviors of school-aged youth in the region. 

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