*Colton’s “Do the Right Thing” Award

Colton Joseph Lipp, Kindergarten student was recently chosen for the Do The Right Thing Award.

Colton, son of Chris and Kelly Lipp was honored at a ceremony on February 20th at the St. Louis County Government Offices in Clayton. Colton’s family along with 1st Grade teacher, Mrs. Donna Herzog and Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Amy Wood attended the ceremony.

Mrs. Herzog nominated Colton for the award with these words:

While monitoring recess on a beautiful sunny January day, I was talking to some Kindergarten students while going down a series of concrete steps. I turned while I was talking, missed the last step, and twisted my ankle and stumbled to the ground. As I sat on the steps to check out my ankle, Colton was very concerned and wanted to go get help from the other teacher on duty. I assured him I just needed to sit for a minute just like kids need to sit for a moment when they tumble to the ground. I asked him what his name was, and he said proudly, “I’m Colton Joseph Lipp”. Colton stayed with me and helped me get up. He continued to ask if he needed to go get the other teacher. I said I was fine, so he walked off. Within a few minutes the other teacher came to check on me. She told me, “Colton Joseph Lipp said you might need help.”

Colton’s genuine concern and compassion for my well being was precious. He didn’t mind losing a few minutes of his play time to help me. The next day when he saw me in the cafeteria, he asked again if I was alright. Colton was my little guardian angel.

Courtney Bryant from KMOV presided over the ceremony assisted by law enforcement officials. Do the Right Thing of Greater St. Louis, Inc is a non-profit organization operating in the St. Louis area. The mission of the organization is to work in partnership with area law enforcement agencies, schools, media and businesses to recognize and promote the positive social behaviors of school-aged youth in the region.

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