*Golden Reading Tickets

book fair
Reann Nickelson, a seventh grade student in Mrs. Carla Basler’s class, earned the first golden Reading Ticket at Valle Catholic Schools.  The tickets catch kids choosing to read.
Valle Reann N  Mrs M Book Fair
The tickets will be collected for a drawing to win a primary and intermediate basket of books at the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair running April 27 – May 1 at the DuBourg Centre. 10 lucky golden tickets have a voucher on the back for a free snow cone from first grade teacher, Mrs. Joggerst’s Kona Ice truck.
Alaric Drost, a first grade student in Mrs. Joggerst’s room, received the first ticket with a Kona Ice voucher on the back. Alaric can redeem the voucher for a free snow cone at Valle’s Family Night on Tuesday, April 28 during the Book Fair.
book fair free Kona Ice Alaric
Keep reading, Valle students!

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