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Valle Catholic Grade School recently held their 3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony to honor those students who consistently live virtue and exceed expectations in their character traits, work habits and academics.  Students are nominated by their teachers in five areas that represent who we are here at Valle Catholic.

The V in VALLE is for Virtue.  Virtue not only allows a person to do good things, but to give the best of him/herself.  A student at Valle lives virtue when he/she is kind, compassionate, generous, and honest and when he/she demonstrates integrity, self-control and courage. 

These students faithfully followed in Christ’s footsteps this third quarter:

Khloe Jones

Lily Ringwald

Ben Calbreath

Grayson McGowan

Xanna Powell

Addison Donze

Cole Nickelson

Josef Flieg

Job Zerwig

The A in VALLE is for Academics.  Academics involve all content subjects at Valle Catholic.  High performance reflects students exceeding our academic expectations.

  These students excelled in the area of academics for third quarter:

Rhea Meyer

Mikayla Basler

Ben Oberle

Austin Naeger

Caroline Roth

Morgan Schwent

Ella Schwartz

Wyatt Fallert

Char Drost

Ella Wolk

Josh Hoog

The L in VALLE is for Loyalty.  Loyalty is a strong feeling of support and continuing faithfulness to someone or something.  Students who are loyal are always true to their school and those people in it. 

The students for third quarter who showed real loyalty to Valle and its members are:

Alyson Meyer

Alex Thorne

Mason Kertz

Eli Wehner

Brice Pruneau

Lauren Wolk

Aubrey Wolk

Riann Schwartz

Reese Metzger

Cory Stoll

The L in VALLE is for Leadership.  Leadership is defined as the ability to lead other people.  Students who lead at Valle do so with courage, confidence, and most importantly, kindness.  They understand that being a leader is a responsibility to set a positive example for those around them.

Students who have exhibited outstanding leadership qualities for third quarter are:

Kai Siebert

Kaden Williams

Scout Baskin

Drake Meyer

Amara Basler

Wil Kuehn

Riley Siebert

The E in VALLE is for Effort.  Effort is the serious attempt to do something, and at Valle, to do it well.  Students who show great effort constantly work hard to do their best.  The task may not always be easy, but the feeling of knowing you gave it your all is worth it. 

Students who have demonstrated unwavering determination for third quarter are:

Teagon Peterson

Landon Woodward

Ethan Wolk

Parker Warren

Aubrey Joggerst

Brianna Abt

Colin Henderson

Hayden Bahr

Braden Coleman

Jordan Bales

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