Mackenzie, Kindergarten Super Hero

For those of you who do not know the story of this brave kindergartner….

Darryl Buchheit and his son Michael, a freshman, were hurt when a deer stand collapsed over Veterans Weekend, and they both fell 20 feet to the ground.  Mackenzie acted quickly to help out.

Laura, Mackenzie’s mom tells the story about the day Mackenzie came back to school after the accident:


Mackenzie had a little surprise waiting for her at kindergarten today……this superhero poster that the school art teacher drew of her. For her help and bravery in finding a way to open the door of her daddy”s pickup truck so she could honk the horn and help emergency crews find her hurt brother and dad. She also helped by lifting debris off of her brother after the deer stand fell down from 20 feet on him. Thanks to her amazing kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bieser for making her feel so valued and special!!!

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