*Mini Ag Fair for 1st Grade

During the Valle Catholic Book Fair, a​​ grade level coin competition​ called​ “Reading is a SPLASH!” was ​held​. T​he prize was an​ opportunity to throw water balloons at ​Principal, ​Mrs. Jill Metzger and their teachers.​ 4th Graders collected the most coins and the water balloon toss​ was scheduled for Thursday, May 18th.

Unbeknownst to the students, Mrs. Metzger, Mrs. Linda Kertz, Mrs. Pam Basler, and Administrative Assistant Miss Jamie had a strategy of their own.

Not only did they come with goggles, shower caps, and raincoats, they were armed with super soakers, water blasters, stormtrooper blasters, and hydroforce shooters!

The toss turned into an all-out water fight but a fun, wet time for all.

Also as an added bonus to winning the “Love our Libraries Coin Challenge”, Mrs. Metzger treated the 4th Graders to KONA Ice.

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