*Mrs. Metzger Keeps Her Promise

Mrs. Metzger taped to the wall

Valle wrapped up the Bucket Challenge last week and Mrs. Metzger kept her promise. As the winners of the Bucket Challenge the 7th Graders were allowed to duct tape Mrs. Metzger to the cafeteria wall.  She read books to the students during their lunchtime all the while hanging on the wall. Seventh graders also enjoyed snow cones, Mrs. Metzger’s treat to them.

kona kids

konaHere are the totals for the Bucket Challenge:

Seventh grade came out on top raising $675.35.  Kindergarten was in second with $526.77.  Fourth grade raised $389.44, second grade raised $347.68, third grade raised $293.28, sixth grade brought in $261.56, first grade raised $211.61, preschool filled with $170.69, fifth grade raised $167.76, eighth grade brought in $60.78 and Uncle Bill kicked in a bucket of pennies worth $49.04.  The grand total was $3,153.96 to be used on primary and middle school libraries!

The Bucket Challenge was held during the recent Book Fair at Valle. The school sponsored a Love Our Libraries coin drive.  Its theme was, “Mrs. Metzger is STUCK on reading!”  Each grade level had their own beach pail and all grade levels competed against each other to fill their bucket with the most money.

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