*National Junior Honor Society Induction

Valle Catholic proudly inducted their third class of students into the National Junior Honor Society​ ​​during a special ceremony on Thursday, March 1, 2018.​ 

Newly inducted:
Braden Coleman
Sam Drury
Kristen Drury
August Palmer
Chase Fallert
Ella Wolk
Macy Wolk
Peter Roth
Olivia Linderer
Mackenzie Carron
Callee Naeger
Isaac Roth
Nathan Schwent
Charlie Friedman
Luke McClure
8th Graders Samantha Loida, Reese Metzger, Ashlyn Klump and Abby Marzuco are 2nd year members.

Students who qualified for this honor demonstrated high standards of character, scholarship, leadership, and service—the pillars of the NJHS. Not only does Valle Catholic strive to help all of their students improve in these areas, but as a recognized chapter of NJHS, Valle can provide their students with this early entrance into leadership training.

The students were reminded that what should make them most proud is not the actual honor itself, but what they have achieved to get to this point. During the induction ceremony a single candle was burning representing the “Eternal Light of Knowledge”. It is eternal because Knowledge never ends. Students were also reminded that “Character is not received but rather achieved.”

New inductees were invited to step forward, sign the official chapter Register, receive their membership certificate, light their candle, and recite the pledge.

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