*Principal for a Day

For the second year in a row, Camryn Skaggs is


 She earned the right by reading 8,825 minutes this summer. She set up a coffee, cocoa and trail mix bar for staff early Fri morning. 

First order of business…changing the water in Mrs. Jill Metzger’s pet fish, Okey Dokey’s water bowl. Never a dull moment as a Principal…Okey Dokey almost jumped out.

A special thank you again to the teachers in the ECDC for the wonderful gift of Okey Dokey!

Ms. Skaggs helped Mrs. Metzger with cafeteria lunch duties and also drew the name of Bonnie Koetting as this week’s Valle Calendar $25 winner!

Principal Skaggs recording answers via email to our class vs. class Christmas trivia game.

Decorating the tree and putting out the nativity with Elcie

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