*Do the Right Thing Award

Cecilia Meyer, 1st Grader was chosen for April’s Do The Right Thing Award. Cecilia, daughter of Michael and Kaci Meyer was honored at a ceremony on April 27th at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, IL.

Cecilia’s parents and teacher, Mrs. Donna Herzog attended the ceremony.

Mrs. Colleen McClure, 2nd Grade teacher nominated Cecilia for the award with these words:

One afternoon at recess a small group of 2nd Grade girls kept running away from a classmate. The girl became very sad, sat down, and started to cry. Cecilia saw the 2nd Grader crying and went over to see what was wrong. The girl explained what had happened, and Cecilia stayed with the girl and tried to cheer her up. Cecilia also told her that she would go with the girl to talk to one of the teachers on recess duty. Cecilia stayed with the girl while she explained to the teacher what had happened.

Since the 2nd Grade girl is in my class, I talked to her after recess about the situation. She told me how Cecilia had been a good friend to her and seemed really concerned about the situation.

I am so proud of Cecilia’s kind actions. She did not really know the 2nd Grader as they are in different grades. Cecilia was very helpful and kind to a person who needed a friend at that moment. I believe Cecilia did ‘the right thing’ during recess. She saw a child that needed help and did a great job at trying to make things better. She was a true friend when another child needed someone to help her.

Do the Right Thing of Greater St. Louis, Inc is a non-profit organization operating in the KMOV bi-state viewing area. The mission of the organization is to work in partnership with area law enforcement agencies, schools, media and businesses to recognize and promote the positive social behaviors of school-aged youth in the region.

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