*Do The Right Thing – David Tague

David Tague, 6th Grade student at Valle Catholic Grade School in Ste. Genevieve was recently chosen for the Do The Right Thing Award.  ​David is the son of Robert and Sally Tague of Ste. Genevieve. 

David was honored at a ceremony on May 15th at the St. Louis County Council Chambers in Clayton.
Mrs. Jill Metzger, principal of Valle Catholic Grade School nominated David for the award with these words:  
David is new to our school this year. We are a small Catholic school in a rural town and some of our students ride the bus with students from another school. While on the bus, David was near two smaller children from another school. He overheard one of them speaking unkindly to another. At one point, the student even mentioned using a weapon to harm the other student. David took it upon himself to speak up and tell both students that this was something that was not ok, and they shouldn’t be talking about it. He knew it was unkind and not safe. 
I was so proud of David for stepping in and trying to redirect the conversation. Often students will join in on inappropriate behavior or even just simply ignore it, but David knew the right thing to do was to stand up and stop it. He showed courage and prudence; both virtues we work hard to show at Valle Catholic.
KMOV personnel presided over the ceremony assisted by law enforcement officials from St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Clair County.  
Do the Right Thing of Greater St. Louis, Inc is a non-profit organization operating in the St. Louis area.  The mission of the organization is to work in partnership with area law enforcement agencies, schools, media and businesses to recognize and promote the positive social behaviors of school-aged youth in the region. 

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