*V-A-L-L-E Awards

Valle Catholic held their 1st Quarter V-A-L-L-E Awards ceremony on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at the Church of Ste. Genevieve. V-A-L-L-E Awards were implemented last year at Valle Catholic and are given quarterly to honor those students who consistently live virtue and exceed expectations in their character traits, work habits and academics. Students are nominated by their teachers in five areas that represent the very essence of Valle. Students are presented with a certificate from Principal Mrs. Metzger and Pastor Father Edward Nemeth assisted by Jamie Fallert.

The V in VALLE is for Virtue. Virtue not only allows a person to do good things, but to give the best of him/herself. A student at Valle lives virtue when he/she is kind, compassionate, generous, and honest and when he/she demonstrates integrity, self-control and courage. These students faithfully followed in Christ’s footsteps this first quarter:

Hallee Abt
Isaac Klein
Khloe Jones
Luther Sellers, Jr.
John Tague
Levi Chapman
Cole Bauman
Mackenzie Buchheit
Addison Donze
Mackenzie Carron

The A in VALLE is for Achievement. Achievement involves all content subjects at Valle Catholic. High performance reflects students exceeding our academic expectations. These students excelled in the area of academics for first quarter:

Kolten Fallert
Henry Hadel
Gage Fallert
Mikayla Basler
Ben Oberle
MaryKathryn McDowell
Ella-Grace Gansner
Drake Meyer
Amara Basler
Char Drost
Sam Drury
Samantha Loida

The L in VALLE is for Loyalty. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support and continuing faithfulness to someone or something. Students who are loyal are always true to their school and those people in it. The students for first quarter who showed real loyalty to Valle and its members are:

Carter Frentzel
Kale Schmelzle
Jayci Palmer
Lucas Drury
Colton Kutz
Grayson McGowan
Trey Metzger
Hannah Staab
Braden Coleman

The L in VALLE is for Leadership. Leadership is defined as the ability to lead other people. Students who lead at Valle do so with courage, confidence, and most importantly, kindness. They understand that being a leader is a responsibility to set a positive example for those around them. Students who have exhibited outstanding leadership qualities for first quarter are:

Nolan Joggerst
Brady Gansner
Brody Wolk
Eli Wehner
Alex Staab
Emma Gegg
Wil Kuehn
Reese Metzger
Regean Naeger

The E in VALLE is for Effort. Effort is the serious attempt to do something, and at Valle, to do it well. Students who show great effort constantly work hard to do their best. The task may not always be easy, but the feeling of knowing you gave it your all is worth it. Students who have demonstrated unwavering determination for first quarter are:

Sophia Cox
Braxton Schwartz
Cecilia Meyer
Ethan Wolk
Ben Calbreath
Lily Ringwald
Matthew Bodine
Ethan Ottens
Tucker Bertrand
Kaden Gegg
Olivia Linderer

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