*Warriors Do Geography

The Social Studies committee of Valle Catholic designated the week of April 16-20 as Geography Week. During that week students in all grades celebrated their geography knowledge.

Grades PreK-12​ participated in various geography activities in the classroom, including marking places they’ve visited on maps or pinning them on an online map.

On Thursday, students wore shirts from places they’ve visited or would like to go. Several grades participated in geography ​competitions​.

M​iddle School:
​The Middle School building played the Geography Bee using the online game Quizizz.com. All students 6-8 received the same questions and some had to face off with harder questions when they ended with a tie for 2nd and 3rd.

8th Grade Geography Bee – First Place – Nathan Schwent, 2nd – Justin Basler, 3rd – Samantha Loida​
​7th grade Geography Bee Winners – First place Peter Roth, Second – Nick Oliver, Third – Macy Wolk​
6th Grade Geography Bee – First Place – Char Drost, 2nd ​–​ Audrey McDowell, 3rd – Cannon Wolk

4th & 5th Grade held individual geography competitions in their classrooms and four finalists competed in the final round. The students who reached the final four were: 4th Graders Alyssa Calbreath and Evan Naeger; 5th Graders Wyatt Fallert and Colin Henderson.​ The championship was claimed by Evan Naeger with Wyatt Fallert placing 2nd.

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